Trio and Buko moment.

went to moa with my bffs to buy a ball for the volleyball at the same time bonding moment.

ate at Mang Inasal. Excuse for my funny half face. hahaha. Solve for the unlimited rice .

tambay at the parking lot of the mall. We really went there to play but the guard didn’t allow us so we made that time us kwentuhan galore as well as picture galore.  Jump shot with my trios 🙂

We’re trio. I named it trio coz obviously we’re three. from left to right elai, me and andreng 🙂

loving this pic.

just a remembrance from there. Hope when we get back there , that still written on the rock 🙂 hahaha.

with buko and elai 🙂

I feel like I was a kid again. hahaha. thanks to buko for the treat at timezone. I really enjoyed it.

hahaha. We’re so green. Buko really thought that was utong ube then we went back to check it again. It was putong ube pala but it looked like utong because of the balloon 🙂

I really enjoyed that day 🙂 oh that day was a three-day sale at moa but sadly I don’t have any savings to buy anything. poor me 😐

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