summer getaway :)

Finally, got the courage to upload the photos taken last last week. This was my first getaway this summer. I’m with my girlfriends. As usual, I had Fun 🙂

Noticeably, I just define the word ENJOYMENT :))) Jump shot with my girlfriend Elai. At first, I was really really scared to jump. But as I tried my first jump, oh I conceived that it was cool and fun :)) hihi. I think this photo was taken when my other friends finally surrendered from jumping. hahaha.

I’m with my other girl Cox and Eka. That was full size of the pool. rawr :))

15 is a significant number for me. It’s my birthday :)))

taken from second floor of the house by fads 🙂

to introduce, this is ate grace, bianca’s Gorgeous sister.  oh well! She’s really exquisite yet humble and benevolent. I wish I Could be as white as her. hahaha :))

Cox, my super bewitching best friend. Oh look at right side of the photo, that’s me. That’s how fascinated I am with Nutella. hahaha

hahaha. this is andreng, my other bff. I was the last one to take the shower. It’s already 3 o’clock in the morning so they decided to sleep. It was funny that andreng is so asleep with that face. hahaha. So i hurriedly, get my camera to take a shot with that pose and luckily, she was not even bother with the flash of my camera. hahaha. Peace 🙂

Karma i think? hahaha. This photo was taken by elai. But i was still lucky because its not that funny compared to andreng’s photo. hahaha. But on the  second attempt of elai, she failed because I was already awake so she refuse to take another. 🙂

I had the best time with them. Wishing that there would be another :)) Thanks to bianca’s family for inviting us to come 🙂 The place was really great. Facilities are complete from room up to entertainment 🙂 Kudos to the owner 🙂

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