livejournal, what the hell happen to you?

I’m about to cry right now, I can’t open my livejournal account which is very predominant in my life. Infact, I consider it as part of my life. It has been my secret blog from the start that’s why I am being sentimental right now. Well, perhaps you’re curious why I made it as my secret or private blog, it’s because I really learned from my experience before. hahaha. Oh, Past is past. I really don’t want to remember it. I think, its just part of my immaturity. hahaha

Oh back to my livejournal. here’s the photo. that’s the thing I saw whenever I enter on the address bar .
I don’t really remember any violations that I did. I  did nothing. Hopefully, livejournal has the problem not with my account. đŸ˜¦

Hoping that tomorrow, it would be fix.

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