Andreng’s 16th birthday

Finally, Andreng is already sweet . hahaha. Her birthday was the same with graduation of our school so after the grad we hurriedly went to glorietta. Oh i mean them hahaha coz I went home to change my clothes. But I was lucky coz I saw Kim chui during the olay’s event.

My bffs. from left-right. me, eka, andreng, elai, cox and veggie

Supposedly, it’s like a tropa night out but the news was easily spread out so it result to this. It so better with the whole gag of Unbeata-BOYLE. I enjoyed more.

*.* us . I was late but they manage to have my seat beside him. hihihi

with my tropa 🙂

I like this shot. I became maputi 🙂 hahaha. I even use this one as my display picture in facebook.

Supposedly. it was a jump shot but i think everybody wasn’t ready except for daddy sac.  look at him at the middle. His pose was cute 🙂

the birthday celebrator

went home pass 10 o’clock in the evening yet wasn’t scolded. Common its a birthday celebration so i think it’s expected . hahaha

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