Summer with my awesome girlfriends

Actually, I can’t really feel that it’s already summer. Perhaps because the weather is not that typically hot. Usually, my vacation is sooo boring. But I’m so overjoyed when I finally got the chance to feel the summer with my very best and awesome Girlfriends.We had a somewhat outing with Bianca’s family together with her relatives. It’s an over night outing and I really had fun. I had a great time with her family and of course with my besties. I haven’t uploaded the photos from our outing because probably some of bianca’s friends might got jealous to us. Maybe to those who think they are really close with bianca. From that fear of jealousy by others, I find myself so lucky for the fact that bianca chose me to be there together with my other besties. To end my entry, these are some photos taken during our outing. You can actually see that We’re so so happy πŸ˜€ kudos bianca πŸ˜€

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