date with the trios and buko :))

i love this day. another unforgettable friday indeed! I enjoyed the bonding moments with them esp the laughtrip. even i dont have the enough money, i enjoyed this day. we bought a volleyball ball. also , went to timezone to play . had fun really. thank buko for the treat 🙂 another, went to the parking lot to play the volleyball but we almost did not play because it’s not allowed to . however, that is the place where i really enjoyed the most. we have there our laughtrips and kwentuhan galore. monday would be a great day but i hope my mom would allow me to come. i really want to esp trios are there 😀 i love them much 🙂
oh another sad story is about bianca and i. i’m glad she feels the same but even if. i hope we could fix it and i hope she’ll realize it 😀

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